Open letter to the CCI Network

Tel Aviv, May 30, 2010

To Members of CCI Communities,

The Dror Co-Counseling Community has been in contact with members of CCI for over 5 years. The first contact was made when a member of Dror, having found information about CCI in the internet, approached CCI members in the UK about joining the network. After a straightforward exchange of several emails agreeing on the basis of common principles, Dror members made the request to attend a CCI event (McCoCo 2005).

Over the next few years many Dror members attended CCI's in Hungary, USA, the Netherlands, Scotland and Germany, and were received with great enthusiasm. There has been a rich sharing of ideas and methods within co-counseling theory. The Dror Community was enriched by new concepts adopted through this exchange. Several members of CCI communities from England, USA, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands visited Dror in Israel on the occasion of the international co-counseling meeting in October, 2009.

Dror was established in 1998, a more recent break from the original RC community, but for the same reasons as CCI. Many CCI members expressed positive connections with Dror members having worked together in Europe, the US and Israel. We are especially grateful to Marlies and Sytse for their determination in building the bridges and bringing our communities together for network development and further growth. They have visited the Dror Community several times, facilitating and participating in workshops, and various Dror activities and meetings.

Along the way, certain obstacles proved challenging, but there was never an intention to push where resistance was felt. The feeling today is one of a welcoming spirit and true commitment to the original quest stated in John Heron's 1996 definition of CCI.

It is our hope that members of CCI will know that there are fellow co-counsellors in the Dror Community in Israel. Dror would like to be considered as part of the CCI Network so we can support and encourage cooperation internationally to further the core theory and practice of co-counselling.


Janice Wasser,

on behalf of the Dror Community and the Dror Council Members: Naomi Springer, Philo Aviram, Leonid Michael, Yoav Moran and Aliyah Strauss.