Responses from CCI representatives

Niek writes:


CCI World News Service welcomes the text of this open letter from Dror. And it wants to remind our readers that we – with respect to everybody, and by the best of our abilities – reported, directly in 2006, that suddenly the Dror delegation attended a CCI Europe meeting in Hungary. For several (European) members was that quite a shock and that says something about the international connections and communication within CCI.

So we interviewed Avi, Philo and Janice about their impressions and what they took home of that happening in 2006. In our view that was their first encounter with CCI. And we kept corresponding publicly during the following years. Lastly we reported about our personal reaction on Janice her question at the CCI-USA 2010 business meeting. This answer is still actual, and is quoted below.

My personal benefit of this encounter is, that I realise – for myself – how much CCI is build on my own trust. Trust in the potentialities of the human beings in their understanding of the core of the method; trust in the philosophy behind the core of the method without any authority; trust of the capacities of those who want to hand over the method by the best of their abilities, and trust to those who are the 'newcomers'! So, WELCOME!

Richard Mills (UK) writes:

Hello DROR

As far as I'm concerned, YOU ARE IN!!

Best wishes



Fred Wallace (USA) writes:

yes yes yes  

with love Fred 


Agota Ruzsa (Hungary) writes:

WELCOME and I did relish the style and language.   Agota


Dency Sargent (USA) writes:

Beautiful letter Janice.
You are such a gift!
And you and your community are gifts to CCI too.
Love, Dency


Joke Stassen (The Netherlands) writes:

Welcome, DROR CCI cocounselors!

Two of my favourite needs are the need for clarity, which is fulfilled by your beautiful letter, and my need for music, which means I will keep this short and go practice Schumann!

(And on my job list I have put: adding Israel in CCI weblinks and the list in the CCI movie)

with love, Joke


Rose Evison (Scotland) writes:

Dear Janice - and co-counselling colleagues

From my personal experience and trust in you, Janice, and in Avi, I see
the Dror Community as a welcome addition to CCI. I also think Richard
would say something similar - in his inimitable style - he's currently
in the USA and will have a horrendous number of emails by the time he

All the best, Rose


Corrie van Haasteren (The Netherlands) writes:

Dear Janice,
At the last business meeting, held in America last April, you already spoke about this.
I then said I love to welcome the Dror-counselors within the CCI-community.
I have spoken and did co-co sessions with a number of Dror-members already and I also have been to the international workshop held in Israel last October.
During the conversations but specially during the sessions, I experienced the Dror-members as good and skilfull co-counselors, who have the same principles as we have.
Of course there are small differences, but only small and they didnot hinder me during my session, because all the counselors were able to give me a feeling of security.
I am very happy knowing that in Israel there are people doing the same things as I do, with the same intention I have: to free myself from pain so I can love myself more and other people as well.
You are most welcome dear Dror-members, this is a happy day for all CCI-co-counselors.
With love,
Corrie van Haasteren


Rudolf Giesselmann (Germany) writes:

Hi Janice,

 a consequential statement. You've found the appropriate words. It was
 your idea and you've got the ball rolling. Congratulations for your
 success!! And your success is a success for the whole CCI-Network too.




Michael Chell (USA) writes:

Ditto to Fred's "YES, YES, YES".  I want to acknowledge the passion and dedication to co-counseling and to community you have exhibited since I met you in Hungary in 2006.  Your stand in speaking and writing on behalf of the DROR community is clear, solid, and articulate. 

Although unable to attend CCI in Ireland this summer because of work scheduling, I am hoping to see you, (Avi, and other Israeli co-counselors) back in the U.S. in April 2011. 

Much love and hugs,


Siglind Willms (Germany) writes:

I, personally welcome you and like your joining to CCI. I`ll tell my community on 26th of june, when there is a regional workshop with business meeting of the CIM.

Love from Siglind


JanPieter Hoogma (Scotland) writes:

Hi courageous Janice,

with your letter and its responses it seems that your perseverance materialised the dream you shared with me at McCoCo 2005. Great!
Great to notice the now welcoming atmosphere as well!